• Services We Offer

    We are a full-service immigration law firm located in Georgia. We serve Brazilian customer clientele. Click on a circle to see the types of visa we can help you obtain.

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  • H-1B, H-2B & H-4B Visas

    Did your company find the right candidate for the job? Then avoid immigration setbacks and delays, let us help your business.

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  • E-1 Visas and E-2 Visas

    Do you want to invest in USA, then do it knowing about your key benefit from the immigration and investment opportunities.

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  • R Visas

    Planning to be in the United States to do your religious vocation? Then let us help you navigate through the bureaucracy of U.S. Immigration so you can be doing the work of God legally.

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  • L Visas

    If you are U.S. employer looking to transfer in an executive, manager, or professional employee with specialized let us help you.

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  • J Visas

    Do you want to work-and-study while being in an exchange visitor program? We can help you obtain a J-1 visa and derivative visas, helping you to quickly navigate the complex process so you can carry on your scholarly endeavors.

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  • O and P Visas

    Our lawyers have decades of global industry-specific immigration experience. Whether you need to further your career in the sciences, arts, education, business, athletics, or entertainment, we can help you comply with all regulations and protect your rights.

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  • TN/TD Visas

    Do you need legal help bringing in to the USA your loved ones from Canada and Mexico for business purposes? Let us help you.

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  • K-1 Visas

    Do you need your foreign Fiancé to be in the USA within 90 days to get married! We can help you.

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  • Legal Permanent Resident

    Either by family or employment do you want your green-card? We can help you.

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  • Citizenship & Naturalization

    Want to become a U.S. Citizen? we can help you.

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Georgia Immigration Attorney

The immigration attorneys at A & J Associate LLC achieve success through efficiency, creativity, and practicality. We channel these qualities into partnerships with clients around the world, which range from small start-ups to large publicly traded companies.

We combine the flexible, informal atmosphere of a small firm with the resources and client base of a larger firm. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art technology and takes a collaborative approach to represent clients, working together to provide customized solutions that deliver results.

For Immigrations processes, time is very crucial, so don't wait. Get in Touch with Us Today.